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Surrounding area

With a length of 30 km and an average width of 3.5 km, the island is characterized by its extremely varied landscape. Spanning the northern side of the island is a 30 km long beach, which in some places is up to 1 km wide. The Wadden Sea is separated from the polder by a dike. 80% of the island is unspoiled nature; the remaining 20% consists of cultivated grassland, villages and roads.

The eastern part of the island comprises the nature reserve “De Boschplaat”. There are four other nature reserves on the island, the largest of which is De Noordvaarder in the west. The moderating influence of the sea is noticeable all year round. The winters are quite mild, and the summers, generally speaking, are slightly cooler than they are on the mainland. Due to the almost ever-present wind, rain showers tend to pass over more quickly, and there's more sun. Autumn on Terschelling is characterized by relatively warm temperatures.

West Terschelling is the largest village on the island, and is the point of arrival and departure for the ferry. In West Terschelling, as in Midsland, you can admire the characteristic facades of the old commanders' houses, which date back to the heyday of trade and whaling.

The view of West Terschelling is primarily defined by the Brandaris, the 55 metre high lighthouse which dates from 1594. Leading east from West Terschelling is the Hoofdweg, which continues on through various villages, including Baaiduinen, Midsland, Formerum, Lies, Hoorn, and finally, at the eastern end of the island, Oosterend.

Hotel Bornholm is situated on the Hoofdweg, the principal road on the island, on the edge of the village of West Terschelling and within walking distance of the Wadden Sea and the marina. The tennis courts, subtropical swimming complex and mini-golf courses are all located close to the hotel.